OrderEasy, How it works?

• Customer will register.
• Once registered, simply log in from the next.
• Select the desired Supplier.
• Determine the choice and quantity of the desired product.
• Request an order. At this time,
• You can choose Delivery, Pickup, Cash on Delivery or Delivery with invoice.
- Your order will be sent to Supplier, Customer by email.
• Supplier ships the order item and invoice to the purchaser.

OrderEasy Benefit

• We deliver the customer, you deliver the goods.
• Are you a supplier? If so, open a shop where you can order online.
• Supplier can accurately and easily take your order.
• Supplier can register an unlimited number of items.
• It may not display and can also display the prices.
• When customer place an order, the email will automatically be sent to the customer and the seller.
• Supplier can also receive your order by sms. (Option)
• Item management is very easy
• Sales reports can be checked by period.
• All reports can be converted to Excel.
• 24 / 7days You can get your order.
• Customers can choose pickup and delivery.
• Store (Restaurant, Grocery store, etc.) can order easy from the pos monitor.
• It is cheaper to use for supplier, free to use for store owner (Restaurant owner, Grocery store owner etc.).

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